Teen Conference took place April 11-13 2008. Thanks for your participation. See you next year!

North Jersey Teen Conference 2008

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Everybody should know by now that the next big upcoming event we're looking forward to is the North Jersey Teen Conference in April. This will be the first conference held by and for teens in the northern New Jersey counties in many years. 4-Hers from all of the northern teen councils have been meeting since last summer to plan a tremendous and exciting weekend for us on April 11-13th. Ivan W, Laura D and Andrea D, from our county, have been involved in these brainstorming and logistics sessions.

So what did all this teen brainpower come up with? First of all, the entire Bridgewater Inn, in Bridgewater, NJ, is being rented to us just for our event. We arrive Friday, and on Saturday we'll have several teen-run workshops to identify which social and global issues are important to teens in our region. We're also going to have fun! How about ice skating, playing laser tag, having a dance, a banquet dinner - and an awards breakfast, of course?

Yes, we're going to do all of the above.

If you're a North Jersey teen, you should come. Joining 4-H is as easy as filling out the club application form and sending it into the county office.

How to Register

You need to act very soon! Conference planning is underway and reservations are needed immediately!

This is how to register for Teen Conference:

  • North Jersey's 4-H Teen Conference Registration Form
  • Youth Permission Form
  • 2008 North Jersey Teen Conference Workshop Selection Form
  • Send the forms to the Bergen County 4-H Office along with a check for $165.00
  • Because the time is short before registration closes, please also call the office to let them know you are sending in your registration.